Teams & Collaboration

A complete system to create & manage your video projects.

Create Unlimited Projects

Create unlimited projects with sub folders in those projects to organize all your videos. Upload as many videos into a project as you want and set the right access levels with permission settings for your teams

Add Teammates To Your Account

Add as many users as you want to your account. (depends on plan) Have your team help you manage & run your ever-growing business. With master-controls in your hands.. you decide which team gets access to what extent. Nothing ever moves without your knowledge & permission.

Create Outsourcers Accounts

Hire outsourcers to help you create the very best video content for you, outsource ad management or grow your business faster by adding a few additional hands from outside your company to your account.

Add Clients Access Account

Create special VIEW-ONLY access for your clients so you can give Vidmingo access to them giving them a chance to view all the videos and projects you’re creating.

Create & Manage Client Projects

Managemultiple clients’ accounts at once. Assign a specific client to your staff members and give them specific permissions to manage everything... upload, store and publish all your clients’ videos. You keep full control… and choose the extent to which your team has access to a project. Your team cannot delete, change or modify any video unless you set the permissions.

Send Videos Files For Feedback & Delivery

Send your videos to anyone you want to get their feedback, your teams can leave comments on the work and deliver the final files once you accept them.

Search All the Content Fast

Easily search through your projects, files, video titles, descriptions to find what you need fast.

Communicate with Your Teams Faster

No need to waste time on endless chats or meetings, just record quick videosand show them what needs to be done. Boost team performance & maximize professional development.

Maximum Video Content Security

Protect all your videos enabling the Right privacy & access levels. Choose who can watch and manage your projects with password and permission settings.