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Live Streaming
(HLS Player)

Live Transcoding Videos Into Different Format

List Cleaning
and Fraud Analysis

Video chapters
supported with markers
and tooltips

Auto-detect & Block
Porn Video Content

60+  POPs Centers
To Help Deliver Video Content Across Our Network

Fully Customizable
Ultra-Sleek Modern
Video Player

Import Videos
From Google Drive,
Dropbox, Onedrive & Box

Unlimited Bandwidth*

50 GB Storage Space

Add Up To 60,000 Videos

Embed Video With
On Any Website

Visibility & Privacy

Password Protection

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According To A Recent Survey, Over 86% Of Businesses Now Use Video As Part Of Their Marketing Tool,
And 92% Of Marketers Says Video Is Important To Their Marketing Strategy

“Video Is The Present &
Future of Marketing” –



Of consumers prefer watching a video rather than reading
about a product
– wyzowl


of Marketers say adding a video to a landing page increases conversion rate by 80%
– Eyewide


Of all consumer web traffic will be video in 2022
– Cisco


Of Marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video
marketing on social media
– Animoto


Of people say that they have been convinced to buy a
product or service by watching a brand’s video
– wyzowl


Of video marketers plan to increase or maintain video spend in 2021
– wyzowl

As Demand For Video Content Continues To Rise,

More Business Owners Are Compelled To Look For A Reliable,
Secure & Affordable Video Hosting Solution To Host And Stream Their
Video Content Online without The fear Of losing Their businesses.

But There Is A


You Could Lose It All… Picking A Video Hosting Platform
Can Make Or Break Your Entire Business!

According to a Statista report, over 20+ Million YouTube videos were removed, and a whopping 1.98 Million YouTube channels were terminated in 2021.

And to add on top of that, you have platforms like Vimeo, Vidyard & Wistia that would charge you ridiculous monthly fees in return for very little to no Value.

If by any means, there is a delay on your monthly renewal, you could have your entire video erased without any prior notice.

“Just Think About That For a Moment…

You’ll agree with me that there is nothing more frustrating than to have your source of income cut off and your entire business, which you have built over the years, taken down like it never even existed in the first place.

That is the tragedy of most video-sharing & hosting platforms out there. They over-promise but under-deliver.

…The Hard Truth:

The Business model run by these platforms is designed to increase their sales and revenue and not yours.

If you are not In full control of your assets (video content), then you have no business; you are at the mercy of these platforms!

They will still eventually take you down sooner or later.
You can’t keep up with their ever-changing rules & policies. It’s crazy & too much for most business owners to handle.

Smart & Successful Entrepreneurs Can See The Future,
So They Never RelyOn These Hosting Platforms.

It’s A Big Red Flag. Please Don’t Do It.

Few Reasons Why You Should

Never Give Your

Hard Earned Money

To These Unreliable Video Hosting Platforms:

Expensive Solution
(Not Cost-Effective)

You are charged as high as $99 to $300 per month for the basic package.

Lack of scalability
(Very Limited)

You can’t exceed your bandwidth limit, you are forced to upgrade & that is more money out of your pocket or have your videos deleted.

Complicated Setup

You lack full control and must abide by their ever-changing policies & terms.

Not Sustainable

Your account can be terminated and videos removed without any prior notice due to copyright strikes & fake content id claims.

Not Marketer Friendly

Some of these platforms are built for large enterprises and corporations; they are not created for small to medium-sized businesses like yours.


Not user-friendly & lacks advanced features such as Text to speech, language translation, teams & collaborations, list building e.t.c

Not Fully Secured

Your videos are not fully protected; they can be shared, re-uploaded, downloaded without your consent, even with the Unlisted privacy option.

No Branding

You have no control over the video player and branding; every video you upload is simply promoting the platform's brand and identity.

Poor Customer Support

You are not offered priority support except as an enterprise customer or a large corporation.

Little Or No Growth

You put in the hard work, but the platform is benefiting more & experiencing greater growth at your own expense.

Starting Today!

You Can Put An End To All
Your Worries & Frustrations!

After Several Years Of
Dedicated Testing, Development
& Thousands Of Dollars Spent


Now You Can Get Unlimited Access To
The World’s Most Reliable Video Hosting Solution,
Which Is Secure, Lightning-Fast, Affordable, With
Unlimited bandwidth & No Monthly Fees!




That Outperforms & Beats The Competition With Faster Content
Delivery Technology That Is Affordable, Secured & Marketer Friendly

With Our Extensive Global
Reach Across 60+ CDN Locations,

We Can Deliver & Live Stream
Your Video Content To Your Customers
Anywhere In The World

Without Sacrificing Speed And Quality

VidMingo Is An Absolute Game-Changer,
Feature-Rich Platform That Guarantees Absolute Peace Of Mind
To Every Marketer Without Breaking The BANK!

We Take Pride

In Our Groundbreaking Video
Hosting Solution

& The Businesses We Have Impacted Positively! 

100,000 Videos Processed

100TB Bandwidth Served

10x Faster Than Traditional Methods

40% Faster Than Other Major CDNs

60+ Number of POPs

100% Availability

6 Continents Served

5000+ Happy Customers

We Have Processed Over 100,000 Videos,
Served More Than 100TB Bandwidth, With Over 5000+ Marketers Who Have Built
Successful Online Businesses In Different Industries Using VidMingo.

“Immediately You Join VidMingo,
You’ll Never Look Back.”

All Videos On This Page Were Created
& Hosted On Vidmingo

What Marketers Are

Saying About VidMingo

Deliver & Live Stream Your Video Content To
Your Customers Anywhere In The World With

Lightning Fast Performance In


Step #1

Upload Or Record

In 1-Click Upload a single or multiple videos
into VidMingo, or record a new video.

Step #2


Brand & customize the video player.
Add skin, play bar, volume, speed controls,
subtitles, and much more.

Step #3


Publish & embed high-quality HD videos
for your business or that of your clients.

With VidMingo, You Can Deliver

The Best Video Experience

To Your Users Like Never Before

No Monthly Fees

VidMingo is very affordable. You are getting INSANE value at an UNBELIEVABLE low one-time price.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You get unlimited bandwidth, which means VidMingo can handle an infinite amount of traffic hitting your videos.

Unlimited Access

With VidMingo, you get unlimited access to the platform, and we will host all your videos for life, and none will be deleted.

Fully Secured Video Hosting Platform

VidMingo secures your content with robust security features from pirates, hackers and illegal web distributions. VidMingo is built on the custom framework (MVC Pattern), and we have deployed Layer 7 security in our firewall to stop all attacks immediately.

Intuitive User-Friendly Platform

Easily host your marketing videos in an intuitive platform with zero learning curve.

You Are In Full Control Of Your Business

You no longer have to be scared of your entire business being taken down by unreliable video hosting platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia.

Faster Content Delivery

Your Viewers will enjoy Faster loading time and will not have to wait for your content to load with no glitches, Lags or outages. Just pure AWESOMENESS!

Reach Your Audience Anywhere In The World

With Our 60+ POPs Centers, located in America, Europe & Asia, we can deliver & live stream your video content to your customers anywhere in the world.

Easy Migration From Video Sharing Platforms

Easily import your video contents from unreliable video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Drive, Dropbox into VidMingo.

Priority Support

With VidMingo, you are never left alone; our dedicated support team will always be available to help with all your questions.

Our Customers Have

Successfully Used VidMingo

To Host & Live Stream All Kinds
Of Video Content Such As…




Sales Videos

Training Videos

Promo Videos

Presentation Videos

Video Ads


And So
Much More

Experience First-Of-Its-Kind
Video Hosting Solutions!

See VidMingo


With VidMingo, You Can Host, Stream,
Play & Access These

Fantastic Features To
Multiply Your Sales

And Drive Conversions
For Your Business:

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Get VidMingo For Just One-Time Payment!

Grow Your Business In 2022 And

Skyrocket Your Sales

With VidMingo New & Exciting Features

Live Streaming (HLS Player)

Easily live stream your recorded video in real-time with ease and flexibility.

Live Transcoding

Transcode & optimize your recorded video into different formats on completion.

Google And Facebook Sign-In

Enjoy the flexibility of access with your existing Google & Facebook Sign-in.

List Cleaning And Fraud Analysis Engine

Prevent fraud, spam & invalid emails by validating the entered email during List building.

Newly Improved Player Performance

Get the most out of VidMingo's newly improved video player.

Video Chapters Supported With Markers And Tooltips

Create exciting video modules broken down into Chapters.

MPEG Dash Streaming

Instantly Live Stream & deliver video content over the internet using the MPEG-DASH technique.

Auto-Detect & Block Porn Video Content

Protect your videos from adult or X-Rated content.

60+ POPs Centers (America, Europe, Asia)

Deliver and live Stream your video content to your audience anywhere in the world.

Unlock Productivity

With VidMingo Creative &
Visual Rich Interface!

Easy-To-Use Video Editing Timeline

**The video timeline editing feature is powered by 3rd party video editor.

Access Built-in Premium HD Stock Library

Loom-like Video & Screen Recording

10 Premium Video Player Skins

A.I Based Text-To-Voice Creation

Robust Thumbnail and Image Design

Futuristic Video
Hosting Technology,

Yet Ridiculously Simple To Use!

World-Class Platform

Get 50GB of Storage space and up to 60,000 videos. Customize and publish videos with extreme ease.

Video Management Revolution

Your one-stop shop for all your video hosting and management needs. In 1-click, upload, host, manage, Live stream and publish videos anywhere!

Resumable Video Uploads

Resumable video uploads help you add videos to the dashboard at your time and pace.

Easy Video Import

Import videos in 1-click from Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, BOX, Instagram, or upload your video. It also has full AWS S3 & Cloud Videos support.

Embed & Grow

Increase ROI with our effective video embedding technology. Use our inline and Pop-over embed codes to publish your videos on any site, email or social media platform.

Explore Powerful

Customization Features!

Quick Customization

Transform your video player with
ultra-sleek modern UI
and Skins and blow
your audience’s minds.

Change Anything & Everything

Add your brand colors, logo and other elements to give your videos a magical edge. Reposition and resize based on your needs.

Custom End Screen

Customize the end screen of your videos
with an effective call to action.

Pic To Pic Mode

Helps you to Multitask using the floating window feature while your video keeps playing.

Easily Accessible,

Yet Secure & Private!

Visibility & Privacy Controls - Password Protected

Restrict your videos by adding a password to allow them to be accessed only by your intended audience.

Private Link Sharing

Share your video instantly with anyone using private link sharing capability.

Domain Embed Restriction

Create domain restrictions for your embedded videos.

Platform Revamping

Completely transform the platform into your own by removing Vidmingo branding and customizing it to your brand.


Yet Incredibly Uncomplicated!

Track your video performance with basic analysis to help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Rank higher across all top search engines & drive traffic to your videos for increased visibility. Use video schema markup to optimize your videos for better SEO rankings.

Groundbreaking Features,

Yet Affordable!

No Monthly Fees

VidMingo is very affordable. You are getting INSANE value at an UNBELIEVABLE low one-time price.

Infinite Collections & Playlists

Create & publish unlimited video playlists & collections for your collections.

Stock Media Assets

Access millions of premium HQ Stock videos, images, and background music to enhance your video collection.

Interactive CTAs

Add Interactive Call To Action elements to engage & drive traffic to any offer directly from your videos (available in PRO)

Lead Capturing

Integrate your preferred autoresponder, capture leads and build your email list easily (available in Monetization plan)

Playback Resume & Speed Control

Start where you left off. Say goodbye to the stress of forwarding to the point where the video accidentally shut down.

Related Video Suggestions From Your Channel

Keep your viewers engaged with related or suggested videos from your playlist or channel.

1-Click Seamless Integrations!

Easily integrate Your Favorite Video Creation App & Host Your Videos On VidMingo.

Some Examples Of Videos

Hosted & Live Streamed On VidMingo

Businesses Of All Sizes

Choose VidMingo As Their
#1 Video Hosting Solution


Digital Marketers

Content Creators






Social Media


Successful Marketers

Trust VidMingo


Abhi Dwivedi

Founder at ReelApps

I totally understand that customers like to watch videos rather than read text and therefore I used it to skyrocket my sales. Vidmingo is the one.


Internet Marketer

We have created successful campaigns and helped local businesses conquer various niches.

UDDHAB Pramanik

Internet Marketer

Top Marketers on JVZoo and W+ like ‘Uddhab’ are hosting product launches on Vidmingo & converting all the traffic into actual customers.

Karthik Ramani

Founder at Jargon Handlers

Training videos have made coaches world-famous. These videos have got millions of views and helped make unprecedented profits.

Misan Morrison

Internet Marketer

Expert marketers like ‘Misan Morrison’ have moved all their videos to Vidmingo. They have seamlessly embedded them on landing pages, sales pages and for VSLs to grab more eyeballs.


Founder at Firelaunchers

Vikram has used Vidmingo to make more commissions than ever before & increase cash prizes.

VidMingo Comes Loaded With

Amazing Features

That Keep It Way Ahead Of Its Competition




There’s Absolutely Nothing Like VidMingo
In The Market Today!

VidMingo is all you’ll ever need in a video hosting platform to help transform your business in the 21st century.

It gives you the flexibility, control and power like No other platform at an unbeatable price.

However, These Incredible Features & Offer Will Not Be Here Forever!

Today! You can access this groundbreaking technology that gives you complete control, backed by a reliable team of experts at this incredible low one-time price.

But it wouldn’t be fair to keep this amazing technology at such a low price forever. It is unfair to the experts working tirelessly behind the scenes.

For this reason, we will be increasing the fee to $97 per month. There will be no ONE-TIME fee after this Earlybird offer ends. No chance at redemption!

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30 Day Full Refund!

VidMingo was developed by marketers and for marketers like you. We use VidMingo in our own business & have strategically designed it to meet all your needs. We are very confident that VidMingo is the video hosting platform you have always wanted, and it will be a game-changer for your business in 2022 and beyond.

However, we can only accept a limited number of people at this Unbelievable LOW one-time price, so claim your spot and take advantage of our EARLY BIRD OFFER before it expires forever. We are very transparent with our dealings with our customers; hence you have 30 days to check this groundbreaking technology out and use it to your advantage.

Your investment today is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, contact us & we will process your refund.B

Tailor-Made Licenses For
Your Unique Needs Get VidMingo For

Just A One-Time Payment!

Personal License

Commercial  Features:

Commercial License

Commercial  Features:

Vidmingo Personal
Vidmingo Commercial

Meet The Creators

Firas Alameh

Tom Yevsikov

Frequently Asked


Q Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES! If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can contact us at support@vidmingo.com and ask for a refund.

Q Is There Any Training Included?

Absolutely, our detailed and step-by-step training videos are available for you and would help you get started instantly & become an expert in no time.

Q Does This Work On Both Mac & PC?

Yes. VidMingo is 100% cloud-based and works on any device with an internet connection. You can access this sophisticated technology using any operating software.

Q Do You Charge Any Monthly Fees?

VidMingo is currently available for the LOWEST one-time cost. However, this offer will not last for too long. After which, we will be charging a monthly fee.

Q What Makes VidMingo Different From Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard, and other Video Hosting Apps?

Unlike Other Platforms, VidMingo has everything one can imagine. VidMingo is an Advanced Video Hosting & Marketing Platform with Next-Gen Video Hosting Technology, Millions of Premium HQ Stock Assets, Loom-like Video & Screen Recording, A. I based Text-to-Voice Creation, Thumbnail and Image Designing, and many more. And it is available at a low one-time price only, unlike other apps, which have hefty monthly fees. Nothing comes close!

Q Can I Upload & Manage Client’s Video From My Dashboard?

With commercial rights, you can create and manage the client’s Video Campaign as often as you want… and keep 100% of the profits by charging them for it.

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