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Of The Unsuccessful Video Marketer!

You Have Seen A Lot of Successful Video Campaigns But You Can’t Replicate Similar Results For Your Own Business!

You put a lot of effort into creating your videos with the hopes of getting views, clicks, and sales for your business. However, every attempt you have made to create a successful video campaign has not been successful.

You are getting little to no engagement on your videos, no clicks, and not even a single conversion & you can’t figure out what you need to do differently to get the result you desire.

You are left with frustrations, pain & waste of resources.

But How Are The Most Successful Marketers & Agencies Able To Launch

Successful Video Campaigns
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According To Fortune Business Insights, The Global Big Data Analytics Market Was USD 231.43 Billion In 2021 And Is Expected To Be Worth USD 549.73 Billion In 2028.

That Makes Analytics & Data

The Biggest Market

Compared To Other Aspects of Marketing – THAT IS HUGE!

Every year, marketers, business owners, corporations & agencies spend billions of dollars to acquire analytic data to determine the effectiveness of their marketing effort, reduce costs, optimize performance, & increase productivity.

The reason for this is quite simple!

Successful marketers and business owners know that you can’t build a successful business in the 21st century without understanding your customer’s behavior, the kind of content that resonates well with them & the offers they are responding to.

Without Data, You’ll Be Completely Clueless
On How To Grow Your Business Successfully

& Analytic Data Is King!

It Takes Away All The Guesswork
& Countless Trials & Errors!

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Performance & Analytics

Get In-Depth Insights Into Your Customer Behavior,
Generate Analytic Data For Each Video, Identify Areas Of Possible Improvement,
Optimize Your Videos For Performance And Drive Your Conversions Through The ROOF!

VidMingo Performance & Analytics Is
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Each Video You Put Out Will Be Well Optimized, Targeted & Ready To Generate More Conversions For Your Business

Few Key Reasons Why VidMingo Performance & Analytics Is

Critical To Your
Marketing Success!

Boost Conversions

It provides the insights needed to optimize your video content and target your most profitable customers for maximum returns.

Enhanced Productivity

Analytics and insight would help you increase productivity and cut out time waste; you will know which campaigns are performing and how to sharpen them to achieve your goals.

Gain Audience Insight

Get an in-depth insight into your audience's demographics, behaviors, preferences & develop content plans and strategies that meet their needs.

Build Retargeting List

Quickly build a custom audience and retarget them with more video content or promotions.

Create Better Engaging Content

Identify the video content that provides the most outstanding value to your audience and replicate a similar strategy in your other videos for more engagement.

Effective Decision Making

It provides you with all the insights and data you need to make an informed decision.


Performance & analytic data would help you reduce cost by identifying more efficient ways of running your business and effective resource control.

With VidMingo Performance & Analytics,

You Will Never Have To

Hire an Expensive Analytics Expert To Help You Make Sense Out Of Your Videos

Develop Custom Infrastructure, Integration or API In Other To Generate Analytic Data

Worry About Customer Data Privacy & Security

VidMingo Performance & Analytics Is

Packed With Advanced

Analytical Features

To Help Provide Valuable Insights & Influence Better Decision Making For Your Business!

Measure & Analyze Conversion Insights

Page View Metrics

nalyze the amount of traffic hitting your pages by checking the number of views your pages have earned.

1-Click Pixel Integrations

Easily integrate Facebook and google pixels/tags in other to measure conversions, optimize and build targeted audiences for remarketing people interested in your video content or products.

Add to Cart Insights

Find out the percentage of visitors who have added your product into the shopping cart but never made a purchase. Retarget them with similar products or offer a special discount to convert them into sales.

Purchase Insights

Use this critical Key performance indicator (KPI) to track and measure every sale generated from your videos.

Lead Generation Insights

Check the performance of your lead capture forms and get the number of people who have opted into your mailing list from your videos or landing pages.

A/B Testing For

Maximum Impact

Effortlessly split test 2 or more videos from your collection and determine which Video provided the most value to your viewers. Then, use that data and knowledge to create more optimized video content, products, lead forms, call to action, and so much more.

You Can Split Test Key Performance Metrics Such As:

Total Views

Unique Viewers

Average Stick Length

Optin Form Layout

Click-Through Rate

Disengagement Rate

Get In-Depth Engagement Insights

Click-Through Rate

Did your viewers visit your page or watch your Video when they landed there?
Find out the exact percentage of your audience that watched the Video.

Unique Impression &
Unique Impression CTR

Access key data for every unique viewer. Find out how many times a single visitor loads your page and how many impressions your videos have received. 

Button & Link Clicks

Measure the number of links or button clicks your videos or landing page has received. 

Watch Time

Gain insight into the total number of hours that all your viewers have watched your videos. Get data on watch length and time when your Video gets maximum views.

Average Stick Length

Find out the average time your viewers spend watching your videos & optimize your videos accordingly.

Disengagement Rate

Understand the rate at which your visitors pause your Video, leave or scroll away from the page. Find out if they shut the browser or moved to another site.
This will help you gauge the level of interest of your video content to your viewers. 

Disengagement Points

Figure out exactly where each of your viewers dropped off during a video watching session. Then, understand the low points of your Video that disengaged viewers and resulted in lost traffic.
Tweak your content and remove portions not providing value to your audience.

Video Shares

Gain insight and determine how often your video content has been shared on different social platforms & determine which platform has the most active viewers. 


Traffic Source Types

Quickly identify the different traffic referral sources and focus on the channel driving your videos’ most relevant/valuable traffic.

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Successful Video
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