Vidmingo Vs Streamyard

“Video Hosting Platforms Face-off: A Comparative Analysis of Vidmingo and Streamyard”


As a content creator in today's digital world, I've had the pleasure of exploring various video hosting platforms. However, none have impressed me quite like Vidmingo. This platform has truly transformed the way I share my videos with the world, and I am excited to share my testimonial with you.



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Reporting System




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# of Stores

Reporting System



Create & Connect As Many Stores As You Want

"Vidmingo: Your Gateway to Dynamic Video Hosting and Monetization"

With vidmingo, we built the most amazing Video Hosting features in existence.

Easy To Use Control Panel

Manage all your stores from a simple panel that’s super easy to use. Our dashboard is built with a super intuitive and simplistic design that allows you to do everything.


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Vidmingo Business plan now available at $9/mo

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Create, Run & Automate

A video hosting platform is a specialized service that allows users to upload, store, and share their video content online. These platforms offer various features and functionalities to enhance the viewing experience and provide a seamless streaming experience for both content creators and viewers.

No credit card required

Manage Multiple Features from
One Platform

Managing multiple features across various platforms can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That's why
Vidmingo is here to revolutionize your workflow by providing a comprehensive solution to
handle all your video-related needs in one place.

Advanced Analytics &
Reporting System

Unlike Shopify, Vidmingo provides you with a real time AI analytics dashboard
that provides you comprehensive reports to gain competitive intelligence
and smart forecast your revenues

What Are You Waiting For?

Vidmingo empowers content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes to monetize their video content in a user-friendly and efficient manner.