Deep Analytics & Easy To Understand
Video Performance Reports

Take the guess work out of what's converting and easily grow your business & brand

Track Video Performance

Get to know your audience better with over 20 laser-targeted actionable real-time insights. Easily track the performance of your videos and make smarter data driven decisions

Activity in Real-Time

Vidmingo offers you a quick detailed snapshot of what’s happening right now across all your video content. You’ll be able to make data driven decisions & instantly optimize your ROI

Full Engagement Graphs

Get a full detailed view of how your audience is consuming your content. You’ll be able to see how much a video has been watched/rewatched by your viewers, avg length of videos watched, how many people clicked on a button or link, opted in on the video, where they are dropping off and more

Track Audience Behavior

From which pages your visitors enter and from which ones they get out from the platform. Get full insights on how deeply your audience is engaging with your videos and funnels

Complete Video Data

Get a complete overview of your video performance, percentage of viewers who clicked play, total time watched, CTR, unique impressions, avg stick length, CTAs clicked, email subscriptions, disengagement rate/points, video shares/downloads, traffic source types, viewer country location and more

Video Heatmaps

See exactly how your viewers interact with your videos. Which parts of your video they watched/re-watched, where they skipped and how many interacted with the call to actions

Social Stats

Share your videos on every social media platform and track every play, like, share and comment. You’ll also see how many people shared or forwarded your video and know exactly which platforms your audience is most active on

Device & Browsers Stats

Know which the device your viewer is using to watch the video and the browser they are using, the operating system (Desktop “Windows, Mac OS, or Others”, Tablet, Mobile “iPhone, Android or Others”, Firefox, Chrome etc.)

Traffic Source Types

See exactly where your traffic is coming from. Shift your focus and efforts on the sources that matter. Save money and resources on other platforms

Easy Exporting

Export all your data easily in CSV or PDF format and share it with your customers or team members

Advanced FB & Google Tracking

Add to Carts

Get details of the number of people that added products to a cart or reached the checkout but did not purchase.
Retarget your customers and cross-sell to increase your profits.

Track Purchases

Get a bird’s eye view of all the sales that are directly being made from inside your video. Charge your advertisers accordingly. Also, know what kind of videos are helping you sell what kind of products.

Page Views

See how many people clicked on or viewed a particular page

Booked Appointments

Help local businesses track the number of people that visited against the ones that booked an appointment

Powerful A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing

Split test 2 or more videos inside the same collection! Put them head to head, see which one perfmos better and pick your winners

Split-Test Everything

Vidmingo A/B split testing feature allows you to test everything: image/video thumbnails, CTAs, video length and more. See exactly which element of your videos drives the big number of viewers.

Easy Setup

With Vidmingo is super easy to setup your split-tests. No need to open multiple tabs, Vidmingo makes it easier than ever. Just create them inside your dashboard, see the progress and pick the winning ones. Vidmingo will generate a custom embed code to run your tests and will display your videos at a 50/50 split to all of your viewers.

Track Engagement

After you run your test, Vidmingo will display several stats like unique views, play count, play rate, disengagement rate for each video so you can see exactly which video is winning.

Pick Your Winner

After you collected enough data, end your test and pick your winner! Vidmingo will automatically pick the winning video to show for all your viewers without having to replace the embed code