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Futuristic Video Player

Optimize Videos, Images & Files

Inline and Pop-over embed codes to quickly add your videos to any website, email and social media platform in seconds!

Rewind Button

Your audience can easily go back in time in your videos; in 1-click, they can rewind 10 seconds or go back to an earlier part of the video.

Full-Screen Mode

Your audience can expand or shrink the video player in other to maximize the available screen real estate.

Play Speed Controls

Optimize your audience’s video viewing by allowing them to make quick playback speed adjustments or prevent your videos from being skipped.

Playback Resume

This game-changing feature provides the flexibility that your audience desires. They can easily take a break from watching and come back to the video exactly where they left off!

Picture To Picture Mode

Helps you to Multitask using the floating window feature while your video keeps playing. Users can watch your videos while working in other open windows or apps.

Volume Controls

Choose from various volume control options. Increase or decrease volume with a simple slider.

Video Progress Playbar

Your audience will be able to easily check where they left off the last time they watched your video using the ultra-sleek modern video progress playbar.

1-Click Embed & Share

Inline and Pop-over embed codes to quickly add your videos to any website, email and social media platform in seconds!

Full 4k & HDR Support

Vidmingo has built in 4k and HDR support for your videos!

Chromecast Plugin With Audio And Subtitles Support

Stream audio content with subtitles from your phone or computer using Chromecast plugin.

Video Trailer Mode

Add drama and excitement to your videos with trailer mode previews.

360 Degree Video Support

Captivate your viewers with three-dimensional virtual reality & 360-degree videos.

Apple's Airplay Plugin

Stream audio, image, and video content from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer using the airplay plugin.

Snapshot Image

Take a Snapshot from anywhere inside the video and use it as a thumbnail.

Video Chapters Supported With Markers And Tooltips

Create exciting video modules broken down into Chapters.

Advanced Customization

Quick Customization

Transform your video player with ultra-sleek modern UI and Skins and blow your audience’s minds.

Change Anything & Everything

Add your brand colors, logo and other elements to give your videos a magical edge. Reposition and resize based on your needs.

Custom End Screen

Customize the end screen of your videos with an effective call to action.

New Player UI and Skins

Explore fully customizable ultra-sleek modern video player with beautiful UI and Skins.

Full Video Controls

Control every part of your video player to match your style: choose to add or remove the playbar, speed controls, rewind button, playback resume and a lot more…

Set Video Modes

Let your viewers watch your videos in several different modes: pic-to-pic, theater, VR, 360 and more

Thumbnail Upload

Customize the end screen of your videos with an effective call to action.

Customized Video Thumbnails

Helps you to Multitask using the floating window feature while your video keeps playing.

Drag & Drop Videos

Drag & drop your videos in your dashboardand display them as you like

In-Built Image Editor

Easily edit video images with our drag & drop image editor

Image Library

Search for millions of royalty free images & customize them for your videos

Optimize Videos, Images & Files

Optimize all your videos, Images & files as you like!

Monetization & List Building

Google Ima Ads integration-ready

Quickly monetize & earn from your videos by inserting google ads using IMA Ads Integration.

Google DAI (Dynamic Ads Insertion) plugin

Monetize & earn from your videos Using the Dynamic Ad Insertion Module

VAST / VPAID plugin

Monetize your Video with vast/vpaid plugin support.

Autoresponder Integration

Easily integrate with your preferred autoresponder & collect leads within minutes.

Insert Skippable Lead Form

Popup a skippable lead form at a certain time frame within your Video, prompting your viewers to subscribe to continue watching, or they can skip the form.

Ad Timing/Rolling Control

You get to decide the exact placement of your ads (Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll ) with 100% flexibility. You can insert them at the beginning, in between, or at the end of your videos.

Lead form Placement Control

Place the lead form anywhere within the video content.

Control Timing of Form Visibility

Decide the duration & timing of the lead form.

Effortlessly Build A Massive Email List

Capture Leads by inserting lead forms within your Video and instantly turn your audience into subscribers.

Generate Ads Revenue

Run google ads or other 3rd party ads & make your videos MORE profitable.

Sell Ads Space Within Your Videos

Allow other brands to advertise within your videos, charge them top Dollars, & Keep 100%. Insert ads before, In between, or at the end of the video and charge your clients differently for each position.

Drive Traffic To Any Product or Offer

Easily redirect your viewers and drive traffic to your sales pages, funnels, or product pages and convert them into sales.

Transcription & Translation

Automatically Detect Video Language

VidMingo sophisticated multi-lingual technology would automatically detect the language of any video and get it ready for transcription with total flexibility.

Drag & Drop Videos

Easily translate your main video and create multiple versions of it in different languages.

Auto-Create Transcriptions

Take a Snapshot from anywhere inside the video and use it as a thumbnail.

Auto Convert Languages And Subtitles

Automatically extract and create engaging subtitles for your videos in different languages with few button clicks.

Create Human-Like Voiceovers

Easily create life-like male or female voiceovers from your video subtitles and convert them into different languages.

Burn/Attach Subtitles To Videos

Instantly embed your subtitles into your videos or extract them into a reusable SRT file.

Auto-Identification Of Speakers

Enable speaker identification and insert speaker labels for each word in your fully transcribed video.

Multi-Channel Transcriptions

Use the advanced multi-channel transcription to process multiple videos and create a single resulting transcript.

Performance & Analytics

Boost Conversions

It provides the insights needed to optimize your video content and target your most profitable customers for maximum returns.

Enhanced Productivity

Analytics and insight would help you increase productivity and cut out time waste; you will know which campaigns are performing and how to sharpen them to achieve your goals.

Gain Audience Insight

Get an in-depth insight into your audience's demographics, behaviors, preferences & develop content plans and strategies that meet their needs.

Build Retargeting List

Quickly build a custom audience and retarget them with more video content or promotions.

Create Better Engaging Content

Identify the video content that provides the most outstanding value to your audience and replicate a similar strategy in your other videos for more engagement.

Effective Decision Making

It provides you with all the insights and data you need to make an informed decision.


Performance & analytic data would help you reduce cost by identifying more efficient ways of running your business and effective resource control.

Page View Metrics

nalyze the amount of traffic hitting your pages by checking the number of views your pages have earned.

1-Click Pixel Integrations

Easily integrate Facebook and google pixels/tags in other to measure conversions, optimize and build targeted audiences for remarketing people interested in your video content or products.

Add to Cart Insights

Find out the percentage of visitors who have added your product into the shopping cart but never made a purchase. Retarget them with similar products or offer a special discount to convert them into sales.

Purchase Insights

Use this critical Key performance indicator (KPI) to track and measure every sale generated from your videos.

Lead Generation Insights

Check the performance of your lead capture forms and get the number of people who have opted into your mailing list from your videos or landing pages.

Interactive CTA's

Interactive CTAs

Add Interactive Call To Action elements to engage & drive traffic to any offer directly from your videos.

Insert Text & Image CTA

While your video keeps your audience engaged, add interactive text and images at intervals to ensure they take the required action.

Interactive Videos

Let your viewers interact directly with your video content by making decisions, choosing their own options, answering simple questions and more!

Custom HTML

Customize your videos to your desired style by embedding custom HTML links.

Clickable Buttons

Add beautiful eye-catching interactive buttons to engage your viewers and have them click through to your offers.

Product Listing

If you sell digital or physical products online, this would be game-changing for you. Now you can easily add a listing & sell your products from within your videos with ease.

Amazon Product Listing

Effortlessly offer and sell your Amazon products to your audience. Easily add your amazon product URL within the video to present your product carousel to your viewers.

Shopify Product Listing

Drive instant traffic to your Shopify listings. Add your Shopify product URL within the video to present your product carousel to your viewers.

Easy Migration From Video Sharing Platforms

Easily import your video contents from unreliable video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Drive, Dropbox into VidMingo.

Priority Support

With VidMingo, you are never left alone; our dedicated support team will always be available to help with all your questions.

Graphic Banner

Easily add an image or graphics banner at a specific time in your videos. Flash it on the screen to grab your viewer's attention and remind them of your time-sensitive offers.

Run Roll Actions & Overlay Ads (video ads)

Run image & video ads at the start, in the middle or at the end of all your videos

Video Security & Privacy

Visibility & Privacy Controls

Control who can watch your videos! We fully respect your right to decide who can watch them!

Password Protection

Make your video content restricted by setting-up password-protection to keep your videos accessible ONLY to your intended audience

Domain Embed Restriction

Control who can watch your videos! We fully respect your right to decide who can watch them!

Private Link Sharing

Only people who has the link can access the video

Cross-Platform Content Protection

Protect your videos everywhere it’s streamed

Anti-Piracy DRM Encryption

Instantly stop illegal download & pirates with the Vidmingo built-in anti piracy technology No one will be able to download your videos without your consent.

Complete Rebranding

Completely remove our branding and place yours instead

Track and Grow

Powerful Analytics Dashboard

vidmingo provides incredible in-depth analytics which is easy to understand.. so you can see how your videos are performing.

SEO Friendly Embed Codes

Vidmingo embed codes are SEO-friendly and designed to improve the visibility of your videos and automatically rank them high in Google and all the major search engines!

Fully SEO Optimized Video and Page

The video schema implementation will boost your video rankings in Google or any other search engine

Related Videos

Vidmingo allows you to show related videos based on your collection or your entire account so you have full control of your visitor after he finishes watching your current video

Advanced FB & Google Tracking

Just add one pixel to your account and have all your data displayed in your account. No need to create new pixels for each video

A/B Split Testing

Split test 2 or more videos inside the same collection!

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