Video Security & Privacy

Upload & share your videos to Vidmingo with extreme confidence knowing that we’ll protect them at all times.

Easily Share Your Videos

Easily host & share your videos with an unlisted link. Vidmingo offers a series of powerful privacy & security options to lock your videos and decide who can watch them. You can also select which sites can embed your videos

Set Viewer Permissions

Control who can watch or access your videos before you even finish uploading! We fully respect your right to decide who can watch them!

Password Protection

Make your video content restricted by setting-up password-protection to keep your videos accessible ONLY to your intended audience.

Domain Embed Restriction

Control the domains that are allowed to embed your videos!

Private Link Sharing

Only people who has the link can access your videos

Cross-Platform Content Protection

Protect your videos everywhere it’s streamed

Anti-Piracy DRM Encryption

Instantly stop illegal download & pirates with the Vidmingo built-in anti piracy technology No one will be able to download your videos without your consent.

Private Collaboration

Invite your team to manage your video projects, share files, add or delete members, comment on projects and more. If you set to collaborators only, no one else apart from members of your team, can watch them. You are in full control of who can do that.

Complete Rebranding

Completely remove our branding and place yours instead